Old Updata Customers


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I'm talking about a stable Operating System such as Windows 2000 or XP.

Not Windows 98/ME



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Updata works ONLY with 2000 and XP...people who tried to use 98/ME soon learned their lesson....

most users use, or have moved to 2000 or XP..as XP was offered as part of the package by Updata...

I have ran that in both XP pro and 2000...and ran into difficulties...

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JonnyT its not the OS you use. Updata is extremely badly coded,
full of bugs.

I don't know which language they've used but its obvious that it is not compatible with any OS.

One of many reasons why you have to wait up to 40min before you get through to support.

Under David Linton's leadership I can't see much hope for TA which I believe is a great product in concept.

I think hanging onto Updata is like hanging onto a bad trade, you hope soon it'll turn for the better.


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A friend of mine has Marconi at 43p and was waiting for it to go up. I am surprised he does not also use Updata and is waiting for it to realise its' potential. Personally I reckon Marconi has more hope. Not so much a question of barking up the wrong tree - more one of not even being in the right forest.
Why do people make their lives hard by refusing to accept reality ?


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Thanks catsdad.

Bang on the mark.

The OS is stable but if you have a crap app ditch it...

Don't blame anyone but yourselves, you made the decision to stick with UpData so live with it,



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Hello guys

This may be a late reply to this thread - but I thought I'd post it anyway.

Like the postings earlier - I was seduced by Updata's Marketing. David Linton - used us - Early entrants into his Pet Project, and we financed this for him by purchasing his software - ALL Beta Products - though HE SAID - they were tested professional packages & the best in UK.

No problem with this so far.

When he got HIS project off the ground - he changed his Marketing and left his "Investors" - (The people who bought his Beta Products) high and dry.

I've tried telephoning his company asking for a software patch to link Updata to a DDE feed (which they say they have developed) and am YET to hear from them.

MR DAVID LINTON - Shame on you.

From an irate fund - investor of UPDATA.

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