Just print off the league table while you can, ofzero, and frame it to impress your friends :)

(i shall not be doing likewise this month) :(
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Hmm.. something's not quite right here... I'll look into it folks, and correct the prices, wait for this evening to get the definitive rankings.
OK, unfortunately I wasn't able to sort out the competition problems yesterday as promised.. The new competition will start next Monday. So all entries this week are void. I'd like to iron out any of the remaining probs before the start of next week, and sort out a history of past winners etc. so please be patient, the comp will only be offline a few days. I'll look at the rankings today from the last comp, so I'll hope to announce the winner tomorrow.

Cheers all
vod playing up again!!

another fictitious sell has gone through, again on VOD. Only 5 minutes after i've bought them!!


good job the real broker doesn't do this!
How very strange.. do you know if this order had shown up in your list of orders to be actioned - or did the trade just appear out of the blue 5 mins later. I'm a bit puzzled over this to say the least!

Sharky (thankfully NOT a broker!)
don't know, I'm afraid. I keep my own chart note of every trade entered, with the intended next action/options. One of these trades was due to sell at 98p later in the day, which it did reach.

I only noticed the error later in day, when nearing the sell point.

Can't think of any explanation. I'm steering clear of VOD on t2w for now!! (pity)

thanks for attention
heyyyy...i know i whinged about this the other day, but i really want that t-shirt! can you straighten out that short trade of ofzero's on SAP please?
sharky's already on it and thinks he knows what's going wrong your t shirt is safe! it may be early for congrats but well done
Now sorted.. ofzero, you really know how to pick these 0 stocks! Closed you out today at a price of 2835 as checked on ADVFN.

Best of luck to everyone over the last two days! But short of a short on ARM, can't see anyone catching up with dan.
thanks sharky. sorry for complaining all the time!
as for no-one catching me, the way i've been losing money the last couple of days, you never know!
good luck to everyone