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re:A typical day's trading the US

What a pity the contents of this, one of the most interesting and informative threads, have had to be removed.
A typical trade.


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Has Naz gone bonkers and turned to charts!

Contact me on [email protected] if you want a chat.

Bigger things could be on the way! ie the Nov 15th seminar
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Hi Paul,

No i didnt, It was an NYSE stock.

Remember that most level 2 players are also very good chart readers. Thats how they tend to find the stocks to trade in the first place.Then they use level 2 to zoom right in and understand exactly whats going on and get their edge.
My experience of trading NYSE stocks put me off. I didnt like the following:

1) It can take 30 seconds to get filled
2) You cannot see what is going on in the same way as you can on level II Nasadq stocks
3) Whilst one stock was moving nicely up it suddenly dropped 30c and with no warning at all, (something that you would get a warning with trading Nasdaq with Level II)

Based on that I decided not to trade NYSE stocks and my mind has not been changed.

:(....b*gger....this might sound a little crazy, but i used to actually go through the whole thread every few nights. It seemed to put me in the right frame of mind for trading, and reminded me of, as Mr. Charts put it, 'what is out there, waiting to be taken..'

I hope with the help of Naz, and others that we can create a similar thread.

Good trade Naz. Do you use any scanning software to find charts for a particular set-up? Cheers

Just to make things crystal clear.I was training today.When i do this i like to use live examples to help students get a real feel for the market and this was one of the live examples that i used.

I find it's more exciting!
Did I miss something?

What happenned to the original thread?

I have just read sharky's comments that it has been removed for precautionary reasons!?

Can anyone enlighten me a little further to the reason behind it?

It was one of the best threads on here with some great examples of trades and an insight in to how various members enter/ exit / manage trades.
I agree, this was one of the best threads on here with some great examples of trades and an insight in to how various members enter/ exit / manage trades.

As far as I can see this thread can only have been closed for 1 or other of the following or other reasons:

1. The main 'professional' posters (MrCharts & Naz) are considered by someone to have been using the thread for advertising their wares. If this is the case why have the long running threads opened by Naz not similarly been closed and why has this thread not been shut down much sooner?

2. Those posters are thought by someone to have been less than wholly frank about their posted achievements. IF that is the case perhaps Naz & MrCharts would care to scupper such assertions by posting extracts from their brokerage accounts appropriate to the posted charts / trades. They have nothing to lose or hide as their trades are already, via this site, in the public domain. Their so doing would demolish in a stroke any allegation(s) against their bona fides.

3. Some other cause as to which there is no reason to be evasive. If there is a good and proper basis upon which to close this excellent thread Sharkey ought to be wholly frank as to why this action has been taken.

Unless there is some good reason not to, in which case the reason should be published, the thread ought to be reinstated forthwith
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Can't see it being 1 or 2:-

1. Naz's wares have been advertised on the front page of t2w as long as I have been a member so can't see a problem there. Also, this is likely to be the start of a v similar thread, we already have postings of a trade from Naz.

2. I dont remember Naz or Mr C making any outlandish claims about their overall ££ trading profits/ success. Just good examples of individual trades (from others as well).
Must be 3 then but this could be any reason really??

I realise the moderators have every right to remove posts/ threads if they are offensive etc but in this case, when the thread was so useful, popular, highly rated and with no obvious offensiveness/ wrong doing, I really would appreciate a frank reasoning as to it's demise.

It's a shame as obviously a lot of time and effort was put in to creating such an educational thread in the first place.
This may have something to do with a thread posted a few days ago by a character calling themself MikeT. It was very controversial and was quickly removed but it did relate to the original thread of this name and I had better not say any more than that.

Apparently there was an un fair comment about MR chart's claims and expertise , hence the whole thread was removed..

Character Assassinationis is easy on BB’s such as this …. The victim is often an innocent individual .. Some how feel sorry for MR chart .. Hope he will be back to continue his postings..
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As I said above, if it be the case that someone has been making unwarranted assertions against anyone posting on this thread that is no reason to remove the thread.

I have absolutely no doubt of the bona fides of either MrC or Naz.

I think the best way of dealing with this is for the person concerned (whether MrC, Naz or whoever) once and for all to disprove the allegation by simply posting evidence of the trades having been made. That, as you know because you do it, is easily achieved by posting extracts from the brokerage account.

I repeat, it is a great shame this thread has gone and, unless there is some compelling reason not to, in which case that reason should be published, the thread ought to be reinstated forthwith
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It wasnt quite as has been said above because if it had been then that would easily be resolved by removing the offending post.

I believe that it was all to do with the thread posted by MikeT and if you want more information then maybe contact Sharky.

Is the removal of the thread the result of a request or advice by an external agency?

I thought Sharky said Mr Charts will be back and advertising as Naz does.
Obviously just thinking things through to avoid possible future problems.
It is a great shame that the actions of one person has led to so much disruption on this BB and this thread in particular. After careful consideration, and in consultation with Mr.Charts, It was decided to remove the thread. This has been a delicate situation that should never have escalated into the public eye on this BB. We may consider reinstating the useful content of this thread. It was not as a result of any external agency. It would not be right for any of us to comment further. I'm sure Mr. Charts is grateful for your display of support, as is Sharky,Naz, myself and all the other Mods. I personally feel very sorry that you, the members, have been deprived of a valuable series of contributions. Maybe they will return, maybe they won't. If they don't , it won't be for lack of trying on our part.
Please understand that we can't discuss this matter in the open so there is little point in presenting all these possible reasons as to what and why etc. If you could leave it at that for now, we would be grateful. The best way to procede for now is to carry on as if nothing has happened. Take the attitude that the British don't give in to threats of violence etc. Churchill and all that.