October US Equity Trading


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As I said above, if it be the case that someone has been making unwarranted assertions against anyone posting on this thread that is no reason to remove the thread.

I have absolutely no doubt of the bona fides of either MrC or Naz.

I think the best way of dealing with this is for the person concerned (whether MrC, Naz or whoever) once and for all to disprove the allegation by simply posting evidence of the trades having been made. That, as you know because you do it, is easily achieved by posting extracts from the brokerage account.

I repeat, it is a great shame this thread has gone and, unless there is some compelling reason not to, in which case that reason should be published, the thread ought to be reinstated forthwith
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It wasnt quite as has been said above because if it had been then that would easily be resolved by removing the offending post.

I believe that it was all to do with the thread posted by MikeT and if you want more information then maybe contact Sharky.



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I thought Sharky said Mr Charts will be back and advertising as Naz does.
Obviously just thinking things through to avoid possible future problems.


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It is a great shame that the actions of one person has led to so much disruption on this BB and this thread in particular. After careful consideration, and in consultation with Mr.Charts, It was decided to remove the thread. This has been a delicate situation that should never have escalated into the public eye on this BB. We may consider reinstating the useful content of this thread. It was not as a result of any external agency. It would not be right for any of us to comment further. I'm sure Mr. Charts is grateful for your display of support, as is Sharky,Naz, myself and all the other Mods. I personally feel very sorry that you, the members, have been deprived of a valuable series of contributions. Maybe they will return, maybe they won't. If they don't , it won't be for lack of trying on our part.
Please understand that we can't discuss this matter in the open so there is little point in presenting all these possible reasons as to what and why etc. If you could leave it at that for now, we would be grateful. The best way to procede for now is to carry on as if nothing has happened. Take the attitude that the British don't give in to threats of violence etc. Churchill and all that.

Mr. Charts

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Good afternoon,
As some of you know accusations were made against myself and Chartman by an individual in Switzerland. That followed on from my polite support of Chartman when he was being unfairly attacked by that same individual.
I choose not to stand idly by when I see a decent person attacked.
This may result in a libel action by me so I'm not prepared to say more at the moment other than completely rejecting the allegations he made against me and Chartman and this web site.
I will continue posting charts and this thread should gradually build up with useful educational and hopefully entertaining imput from many people including myself.
Trade2Win will be offering seminars run by me in the near future and those people wanting 1-2-1 sessions will be provided, as they have been for a long time already, with some trading records and very full and extensive details of what is covered in my course before they book a session. They have been able to then make an informed judgement whether the course is suitable for them or not. That will continue.
Also my choice as to whether or not to provide a course will continue to be exercised. I will continue to decline to coach those people who I think would not benefit, for example, hard gamblers, people with too little capital and those who express a wish for some "guarantee" of success trading the markets.
As I always have, I shall continue to provide ongoing email "after-care", questions answered, points clarified, help given etc to all those people who I have coached and will do in the future.
I am not going to enter into further debate on this subject.
I'm here, I'm staying, I'm posting, I'm coaching.

FTSE Beater

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Hi all

Mr.Charts - It's good to see you posting :)
Chartman - Thank you for clearing everything up.

I just wanted to share a thought that has hit me over the last couple of days, and it comes back to what I learnt a long time ago.


I know it sounds obvious but recently I've added a study into E-Signal that displays the Previous days High and Low, it may not sound much but it's a great visual indicator and has kept me out of a lot of bad trades :)


Classic example yesterday. NCC Broke the high from 2 days ago, only to run into the previous days high. As I say I know it sounds obvious but over time these things get forgotten :(


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I really don’t know what happened here, but you get my vote, Mr Charts. :D




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Good post. ftse beater.


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Been Short 3000VRTS from 35.73 ( 13th OCT a swing trade).. VRTS is currently trading @ 33.56..
I am going to close my position before close and reverse the positon .. running into next week..

I have a Limit order to cover @ 33.44


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For some reason my Limit order did not go through but I managed to cover @ market. consequently I averaged out @ 33.47 and not the ideal 33.44..

VRTS closed @ 33.42.

There was a 8000 buyer @ 33.44 hence my Limit order .. the VWAP was 34.01 while the Limit order was 33.44 a difference of 57C... Nice reward/Risk to take the trade...

Strategy for closing short VRTS and playing Long VRTS..

1) I had a short position for 5 days to give me around 2$/share profit.
2) I am going to keep 3/4 of profit
3) 1/4 profit will be set as a money managment stop for LONG VRTS till Monday in case there is a massive gap down
4) should VRTS rise on Monday I will raise my stop to 33.47 and let VRTS to run well into next week ... ( I will probably close the position on Wednesday)
5) if VRST fail to rise on Monday I am still $1.50 in profit


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Also Played short BEAS with VWAP of 13.50-13.65 against a high of 13.93 and a low of 13.27 ( nice range for $13 stock.. nice reward/risk ) ..

BEAS closed near the low of the day ... I be watching BEAS on Monday . Love those stocks that close near their lows and well away from their VWAP ..


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They say one of the most vital elements in successful trading strategy is competent money management. You certainly seem to have handled that trade with some skill.

Who was the market maker?

It is this type of trading that those with a SIPP would do well to emulate. Would you agree?

Best wishes,
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