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I've just been sent a demo from Noble Trading

They called me up on my mobile earlier

Anyone any experience of this platform ?

Anyone recommend it ?

Something like $165 a month for low use
and $100 for high use and a penny comission

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Yea i just spotted that Jerry on the QT boards

I knew i had heard of them before so i did a search
of the boards and i couldn't find any criticism only your
announcement about integration.

I presume you can still use there software as a backup access
with all those bells and whistles like hot keys
They have multiple platforms for trading. The one QuoteTracker integrates with is MADWare. There is a native MADWare client software that can be used to place trades on the same account that is used to trade through QuoteTracker - trading only - no quotes.

If i register with scottrade without actually opening up an account, would quotetracker work off of that data?
Are they any better than Datek ?

for example
The Datek quotes i get for the pre-market are crossed.
QuoteTracker can be used with Scottrade free quotes. As for them being better than DATEK, not by a long shot. Scottrade data is notoriously bad. Volume data is always lower than actual and reliability is far from the greatest. The free Scottrade quotes are limited to 10 symbols at a time (brokerage account limit is 20). With DATEK, you can get 80 at a time, and Level II
Wires crossed there Jerry by Keano

Is Noble better than Datek ?

i was saying that the pre-market quotes i get from datek are crossed

you say noble via QT is trading only - no quotes

but they must give you a price - right ?
the crossed quotes are not really a DATEK thing. Thats just the way NASDAQ quotes are. Noble does not provide the quotes themselves. They will cover the cost of your subscription to though: is also max 80, but is tick by tick, where as DATEK is not. If you ask them, they may cover a different datafeed most likely.

Hi guys
I can't say anything good about noble trading. I had an account in this company. Everything they did was very slow. They are not the best brokers, believe me.