No Lecture This Week

.. nor this week.

Hopefully we can sort something out for next week! Mail me your ideas or if you think you might be interested in talking.

Hi Sharky,

Just a thought but maybe it would be better to do one seminar a month. The reasons I suggest this are:

a) It makes the seminars more of an event so more people will turn up and there would be more chance to promote them on TMF (for example!).

b) There is quite a small pool of people who are knowledgeable and/or brass necked enough to do it and it would stop them feeling pressurised.

c) From my perspective it's much easier to justify cutting in to one weekend in four then every weekend. I'm sure I can't be the only one with that problem :)

On another topic entirely I have been mulling over the idea of a Saturday meet/social over the summer for people who use my board/TA/and Day trading board on TMF. Would you like to make it a joint T2W/TMF thing? What I had in mind is a free discussion forum with maybe a couple of very short presentations one morning one afternoon to provide a focal point/ice breakers.
Dave Baker (the writer of PFscan has said he would like to attend so maybe that's one session sorted....haven't asked him yet).

What do you/others think? I expect there would need to be a small cost to cover hire of room/coffee/tea etc.
I read the suggestion on your BB. Sounds like a good idea.If only we could get a cheap venue.
Hi Helen,

Thanks for the input, yes I'd agree once a month is a more realistic target and like you say would generate a better turn out with members having more time to find out what, where and when.

As for the Saturday social some time over summer, that sounds like an excellent idea. We could certainly promote it jointly on TMF/T2W and hopefully get a good turn out.