Nice TA on WOLV


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Picked this up in my volatility scan. It seems to be heading in the right direction. not sure about any fundamental aspects, but on purely TA it has the potential to go 15% on the triangle breakout....
MFI and OBV are also rising (NB I am a beginner at this).

Can you explain what a "volatility scan" is?

Many Thanks

I run AIQ software charting package. As part of this package, one can write software routines to test stocks for various parameters.One of the tests I run tests for "volatility" indicating possible imminent stock breakouts.It's not particularly successful, and the results require further scutiny. 2 points rise today on increased volume so we're on the right side....I would revise my target slightly to 570 ( triangle breakout) which co-incides exactly with resistance from Dec '99