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Hi everyone

New to this board - really useful posts. Interested to know how many of you out there using AIQ charting software as I'm in the process of trying to organise some user masterclasses in London.

Anyone interested, feel free to drop me a line.

Happy shorting (because surely none of us are going long in this market).


Good luck in your search Troy.

Your comment about not going long is a very interesting one.
According to contrarian opinion the time to go long is when everybody decides that it is not a good idea.

For my part I'd say that going long and short is a good way of hedging your bets against a big move in an unexpected direction.

The market is very interesting at the moment and is clearly at a turning point however there is clear evidence of support for some stocks and sectors. I think that it is very unlikely that there will be a crash in the short term when everything falls to the ground.

No advice intended.
Very true - sorry I should've qualified my comments by specifying the sort of companies I usually trade. NASDAQ or Techmark listed which have been enjoying more of a descent of late - on Bookham I rest my case :) Re crash theory - for what it's worth I totally discount any pundit who claims that if the US catches a cold we don't get phneumonia (probably spelt wrong) - I know the figures re our balance of trade with Europe but you try telling me that the FTSE doesn't slavishly follow the US markets come lunchtime.

Re crash fears - wouldn't hedge my bets if I were you - history has a funny way of repeating itself - conspicuous consumption (dotcom VC to say the least), followed by consolidation, followed by outbreak of war (last time Gulf War, this time prob. wider Middle East conflict), followed by bombing in house prices + many twats (as well as more decent peeps) picking up P45's.

S'pose you could always try the Ft's 'recession barometer' suggestion - if an estate agent returns your call for a 'lesser' property, things are biting.

Happy trading + thanks for the post/


Ahh. At least the NAS has some good support around 1500/1600
if it drops through the current support and even BHM is finding some support at the current level.

Good Trading!