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Was browsing through the links section of t2w and came across one for an neural-based software package called Deep Insight ( Wondered if anyone has any experience of using this package or would simply like to venture an opinion?


Hi Troy,
Yes I have used and do use Deep Insight-it is a very intuitive package and proved fairly accurate-depending on what you want to use it for-gives indications of 5 day trend and some results on back tested indicators also gives predictions on next days prices which again proved fairly accurate although some shares it was a fairly large spread for the prices others much narrower. Depending on what you want to use it for it is a good package-updates from the net and is easy to get to grips with.Where it falls down compared to other Neural net packages is that you cant build your own systems and use them-you can only have what they provide.If you are looking to use Neural Nets to build and test your own systems then I would suggest you look at Neuroshell Trader or Trading Solutions. I am starting to use Neuroshell-takes a bit to get to grips with but is hugely versatile , url for them is Happy to chat more if you like send me an e mail -also let me know what you are looking to use the nets for as that may help in deciding what package is best.

P.S. I am not an expert on these but starting to find my feet Am also keen to start some threads or a board on neural nets if enough people interested.

An interesting post.

I would be interested to explore the differences between a query approach (eg. metastock) and expert system (eg. AIQ - is this really any different to querying? that's a challenge to you AIQ users!) and neural networks.

I have in my mind the idea that I can create a system with several fuzzy rules that would explore the current state of the database and propose a small number of high probabiliy trading candidates (yes, it's the holy grail).

So far I only trust my judgement after hours of pouring over charts. OK, I will still need my judgement before placing a trade but can I reduce the time it takes to prepare for it?
I am waiting on the Fuzzy Logic add on for Neuroshell-which purports to do what you are looking for-see my response to you on other thread-once I get hold of this -will be able to give bettr insight into what it is capable of -again check out wardsystems web sight as it gives more detail on what their systems do
Hi Burney

Interesting post, thanks for the info. Based on what I've seen / read I suspect Deep Insight might be just what I'm looking for. While I note its shortfallings when it comes to customisation, that's probably just what I need!! I've been grappling with AIQ for some months now and have been reaching the conclusion that I need something which auto-adapts to differing market conditions. Not sure if Deep Insight is the answer or something like Metastock, but the more feedback I get the better. Perhaps we could continue this thread off-BB?