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Might seem like an obvious question to some, but perhaps I could get the benefit of somebody's wisdom on this: I'm trying to cut out low value/volume stocks from an everr-burgeoning AIQ master list. Have done this successfully with US stocks using price & volume criteria. For Uk stocks I'm a bit stumped. Someone very kindly suggested cutting out anything outside the FTSE 350 but can anyone equate this into price/volume values?



there is a lot of variation between the price and volume of the lower constituents of the FT350 (also for the fledgling and small caps).

I have been using the following (metastock) filter

close > 0.75 and mov(volume,50,s) > 75000

of course every day there are more and more stocks falling under one pound making some penny stocks more interesting and these values are quite subjective.

Try changing them and see how it affects the results of your filter.
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in AIQ use:

Filter if [close]>50 and [volume]>1000.

selcts only stocks > 50p and todays vol > 100,000
You could use [volume esa] to get an average volume filter( avoids losing stocks that may have an occaisional "low day".
So to filter for this in AIQ data is it just a question of using the Advanced Ticker delete to get rid of everything <50 & <100 (100K)? Would you use a basic EDS code to filter??
I would be very loathe to delete any tickers from the list. At 2,500 or so, it's not unmanageable.
Stick to having the filter in all of your EDS routines.
For simplicity, you can build up a "subroutine library" for use:
Basic Ingredients.EDS

Filter1 is [close]> 50 and [volume esa]>1000.

BuyMe if Filter1 and...and...and etc

You can then load this at the start of a new routine each time.
I agree with Chartman - removing tickers from the master list means you are permanently without them, as I'm sure you realise.

There are three ways round this - the first is as Chartman describes, ie putting a filter as part of your EDS routine.

The second is to select which list you run your EDS routines against. Do this by clicking the Properties icon, or File, Properties, and then selecting the list from the drop down box. This means you can pick the FTSE100 or FTSE250 stocks only, etc.

The third way is to run an EDS routine which picks out the stocks you want, so screening on price and volume, or just price, and then creating a list of them, which you can use as in the paragraph above. To do this run your EDS routine, and then Report, Chart List, and give the list a name.

I think it could be very short-sighted to delete tickers on the assumption you won't need them in the future. I know that Bob Debnam also suggested it was quite foolhardy and could mess up data downloads etc.