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Learning is very important in every business so be careful about learning because without knowledge and skills it can be hard to become successful and profitable trader.


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Hi! I think some of the most helpful things I learned were to manage expectations and how to cope with losses. Realizing that everyone loses money at some point and that it's totally normal helped my confidence and learning when to take a break to relax and think things through after losing were crucial for me. Otherwise, you could make mistakes like revenge trading to try and make that money back. Good luck!


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This is very basic yet crucial to your future success- Know your limits. It means one should know how much you’re willing to risk on each trade, setting your leverage ratio in accordance with your needs and never risking more than you can afford to lose.
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Best trading tip ever is to find your own asset to play.

You may choose any stock or another asset.

You should every day trade on it using minimum money for it.

When you trade one stock every day you begin to understand it's bottoms and highs, which news can influence on your asset.

After a month of day trading like this you'll understand best positions to open your deals.

After that you should trade only if you see your best position. In another variation you shouldn't open the deal.

Always use stop losses. Even if your deal begin profitable. Just move your stop loss higher to safety zone, and after that higher to make money in any case.


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My advice for you will be first Learn and then remove L from Learn.


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The only tip that I would give is to control your emotions. “If you personalize your losses, you can’t trade.”


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Biggest tip I'd give is focus on risk management and the process of trading first and foremost over money and how much you can make. Money comes with good trading and not the reverse.
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