Newbie help on ETFs


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Hey Everyone!

Great forum, delighted to be a part of it, I was wondering if anyone could help a newbie :) a little bit of background on me:

28 years old, left college at 20 to start working on a Fintech Start up done quite well, currently most of my assets are in property while also owning 2% of the company.

Having only just moved to the US (L1A Visa holder) It means that I cant invest in property due to visa constraints, therefore, I have become very interested in buying stocks as I hate seeing my cash earn no interest! I've particularly been interested in index funds, as frankly, I don't have the time nor mental capacity at the end of the day to invest hours making well thought out educated stock picks. Far too busy with work!

I have circa 100k in cash in my account, and I wanted buy:
  • Schwab S&P 500 ETF (Low risk?)
  • Vanguard High Dividend ETF
  • Some type of Tech based ETF? (Targeting Growth)
  • Some type of emerging market ETF (Targeting growth)
My issue is, I'm very concerned that I'm buying at the market top, and that if I just hold out to buy in the next 12/18/24 months I'll be able to acquire them at a better rate, I do understand that I shouldn't be trying to time the market, but at the same time as I am not already invested would it be wise to time my market entrance at where the S&P seems to be finding some sort of support, at circa 2350?

If anyone can help me clear this fog that would be brilliant!