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Interesting in that they're not selling a system or methodology, just basic trading skills and TA.

Looks bona fide, but as you say hagadol, would be nice to get some informal feedback from trusted t2w members.


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New skills is run by Robert Newgrosh, they have been running courses for at least 5 years to my knowledge. As stated no systems, just good basic TA grounding plus some detail on specific techniques such as PnF.

Personally I have never been on one of the courses, but have spoken to at least 9 people that have - they found them to be very good and excellent value for money


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Would endorse TBS'swords, but I did go on several of Robert's courses in 1999-2000. Good basic TA. The knowledge isn't exotic and didn't make me a fortune but his emphasis on stop-losses and how to avoid losing big-time has kept me in the game long enough to start winning.

Nice bloke and good value for money for a newcomer. Definitely not a 'holy grail' system rip-off.


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I went on 3 of these about 5 years ago. Good solid charting techniques taught.


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I went on several of Robert's courses in 1996/97. Solid stuff, with some useful interpretational methods not found in the standard texts. Whilst it will inevitably cover a lot of stuff you can read for yourself in Murphy or Jiler there is also some useful material that I have not seen or heard elsewhere. No hype, no rash promises, no "holy grail" systems - just solid TA.

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No need to attend a TA seminar to learn about TA. It will cost you money to attend and more money when you put the stuff into practice. Because text book TA doesn't really work. Get a very simple book on TA or a set of videos (borrow them from a library). Then buy more advanced stuff, Murphy for ex. then read everything you can keeping in mind that most of it will be USELESS yes USELESS for your own trading at least. If you don't want to go through all that discovery process, -in which case you should ask yourself if you really want to trade asa business l BTW- stick to the basics, stay away from oscillators and other B.S.

yeah and I forgot to say most importantly watch the market everyday, every hour if you can.
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I went to the free seminar run by Robert Newgrosh. It's certainly for ultimate beginners. Well it's more aimed at spending 4 hours trying to 'convert' fundamentalists to technical analysts! Trying to help them understand that stocks work on supply and demand and the emotions of greed and fear. Mr Newgrosh has a great knowledge of his field and really understands all aspects of technical analysis and is able to comfortably answer all the questions of doubt that were thrown at him. I would say that the price of his courses is really good value too. And if i was a fresh new trader i'd be heading to him for courses and not a broker promoting daytrading to increase their spread and commission profits.Trying to make you churn as much money in their system as possible. It seems that changing from a fundamental viewpoint to a technical view is almost as hard as it would be to change your religon!
But then why is he running these courses if he's a great analyst? Maybe it's just to get away from the screen and give those sore eyes a rest! Or maybe he wants to give something back to the trading community? Who knows!
But i do know that you can't buy personal experience and discipline anywhere. Well, they do say 'those who can't do, teach'
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