new ideas??


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I have been trading ftse futures for about 2 years and need something new - to make money!! I Have used the champion active trader which i found VERY hit and miss and currently trying the camarilla equation.
ANyone tried either? or onto anything sucessful and exciting?
thank you


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Your all taking the Mickey !! - Now a weekend in Prague taught me if...........???


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Knockin on old folks doors and running away.

Zenda - A weekend in Prague taught me Checz girls are easy! LOL. That was 7 years ago. I've been back a few times and they seemed to have wised up to BBB's wicked ways.


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Deena, try understanding the concept of trading properly and use that knowledge to develop your own system.........a little bit of self belief would be a good starting point!.


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Step 1 is selecting a market. If the FTSE isn't working for you why not try something else?


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i did look at the second side but this is for the original equation. The second equation they offer (safer route) doesnt seem to be available elsewhere


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If you've been trading ftse futures for a couple of years you must have some feel for it. I suggest looking at trend lines and volume to get a different view rather than follow someone else's "system". I don't believe in systems, only method.
What time frame are you trading?


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Yes, but how long do you look to hold, 5mins, 2hours, all day?
What platform do you trade on? Can you follow the charts/action?


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Have you looked at trading spreads between indices or spreads in interest rate futures. This is how I spend my time and it works better than other things for me. Fact is, trading a spread is less volatile than the outright and allows you to enter with greater size and confidence. You will need to sort out some cheap costs however as you are doubling up the bro and also you better get a good platform to trade on.


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Deena, first of all, why are you looking to change the instrument you've been trading for the last 2 years?

Is it how you're trading that's changed or is it the market?


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i think its more likely that he/she has been losing for 2 years hence the need for "something new-to make money".

does display admirable dedication to go through a 2 year drawdown though :eek:

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