NEW FEATURE: Usenet Newsgroups


I'm very pleased to announce the newest addition to Trade2Win - a Direct Feed to three of the best Usenet Newsgroups for the discussion of stocks and shares.

If your already confused, then follow this link, which is a nice introduction to what exactly is Usenet.

We'll be running the forums on a trial basis to see if you think there a useful addition to the site. But be warned, Usenet is un-moderated, and anyone can post anything on the newsgroups. We have no control over who posts what. So the posts might not always be of the high quality you've come to expect of T2W.

If you decide to post a reply or add a new thread, then please be aware your message will be made publicaly available to anyone reading the newsgroup, whether they're using Outlook Express, or Agent (a windows program).. or elsewhere on the web, such as Google's Usenet Search. But no personal information will be sent, only your username to identify you, and a "Posted from Trade2Win signature".

Please post on this thread any questions, suggestions or feedback about these new forums.

I've pulled the usenet newsgroup forums from the BB for the time being. For a start they weren't updating each day - not since about a week ago, and I wasn't sure if anyone actually used them.

If enough members want me to put them back, perhaps just the uk one, then let me know and I'll get on to it.