need cheap trading system


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Have been trading for years but now full time - now need cheap
trading system that will give real time date and pivot points

any suggestions ?

many thanks
Exactly how cheap are you looking at, what amount per month are you prepared to pay for a system ?
trader 33 ,

wish to spend max of 30.00 per month preferably with some ta and rreal time prices but at that price i know i have to compromise !
You might want to take a look at Sierra Chart - cost of datafeed from myTrack is approx £28 per month, plus the London feed, plus a few dollars per month for the software.

It'll end up being more like £35 rather than £30, but there's enough TA in there to keep you happy for hours and hours :D

I am assuming you are looking to trade UK markets rather than US markets.
Anyone using E-trade as online broker? Do 30 trades a quarter (=Gold level) (at £9.95 per trade) and they throw in L2 etc free, but do 75 trades a quarter (Platinum, or 'Professional' level) and they throw in a range of analytical tools too. I don't know how much of a range of tools and feeds is included, but it might reduce what you need to pay for elsewhere. Includes live signal generation and stuff like that.

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