Need a Midlands Venue


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Hi all,

As it's rugby season we need to find a different venue for the proposed January 11th Traders Day. Does anyone know of a suitable alternative in the Midlands? Room hire and food costs need to be kept as low as possible. The other alternative is a conference center but then we are talking much more money.

Help anyone?
I may well know somewhere to suggest, but how many attendees are you expecting?
Hi Rejji,

The maxumum number that is practical is 40. Or else the numbers get too big for comfort and for eveyone to join in. It was such a sucess last time because it was friendly.
Hi Helen,

You're right about the last one being fun - I'll certainly look forward to the next one.

However, I was wondering how practical it may be to perhaps vote again on whereabouts to keep the venue again. For some reason, I was under the impression that most of the people came from the London area.... It's just a suggestion, and I'll have no problems (ok - and no choice as well :) ) if I'm overruled.....

Charles Schwab Europe has an Investment Centre in the middle of Birmingham, and there's plenty of nearby parking (NCP). The environment has market/research information machines etc, and enough space for approx 40. I don't have the telephone number anymore but the address is: Cannon House, 24 The Priory Queensway, Birmingham, B4 6BS.

Hope this helps

Hello Helen.

A very good venue is the National Motor Cycle museum at the junction of the M42 and the A45 Coventry to Birmingham
road. Just opposite the NEC(National Exhibition Centre).There is on site parking with pleanty of parking spaces.They have a lot of trade events here and I would think most people in th UK know where the NEC is.If this is no good Im sure I can find some other places for you.Just let me know.

Regards Jon S
Hi Jon,

I did check out the NMCM yesterday they want £37+VAT per person. Which would be OK for me and most others I expect, but it's quite a big hike in price from the £20 charged last time. I'd be very greatful if you could think of somewhere else that might be cheaper.


Hi Helen,

Are there still meetings going on that I could attend, will consider any UK destination for the right content & attendees.

Thanks in anticipation.
Hi Tony,

I'm not running days as I used to do. Too busy with my own trading in my SIPP and another new business. I suspect there are meets still ongoing though :)

Thanks Helen, I appreciate your swift reply. Would you be able to forward me any other contacts from the 'early days', who may still be attending/organising meetings ?

Regards Tony.