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As it has been mentioned in this section, (under recommendations) i thought it best to mention how it can be booked.

Go through the booking procedure for any of the courses on the Home page of t2w,paying as instructed.When i then e mail you for dates,times and directions just mention its a beginners course and thats it.

Here is what i think.I've worked with some true US mega-star traders.I've met many interesting market participants and big names in the city and at CNBC,where i had a regular spot.I have talked at the large investment shows and met thousands of market participants face to face.For years i have traded side by side with the biggest market makers in the world following their every move.Watching how they twist and turn.

Now i've taken all that knowledge (ie the psychology of all types of market players) and put it together to teach pure beginners from absolute basics through to paper trading live.I don't mess about,i'll give it to you straight in very easy and clear steps.So that i will have you taking trades correctly by the end of the day and avoiding the pitfalls that all to many people fall for.

Here is what Phil said about it recently.

Hi Suggy,

I'm pretty much in the same position as you so what I did was book a course - I went for Naz's beginners one day course and it was brilliant. He started off by wiping me out just to show me how vulnerable I was and then coached me from not knowing what 'going long' meant to doing three live NASDAQ paper trades - I showed a profit (with his help of course).

From having zero confidence I now feel I've got more than enough to start paper trading using Naz's techniques which are in my view very sound. I feel I could go real now but I am cautious by nature and I'm going to prove myself on paper first.

Paper trading live was an eyeopener for me because it brought up real issues - eg. there was a short sharp run but Naz immediately checked it out to see if it was futures driven - it was and so avoided getting sucked into a red herring. These sort of incidents can only be avoided by experience and going on a course can help step over these pitfalls. This is stuff I was completely ignorant about a few hours earlier- I really recommend you invest in a course first - it'll save you a lot of money and heartache in the long run.

Happy learning


Can i ask if your beginners course is best suited to day trading or is it likely to be beneficial to those of us interested in learning to trade EOD.

I am booked in with Naz on the 21st of this month and after reading what everybody else has had to say on this BB when they have been I really am looking forward to it.
Hi Scooby

I look forward to seeing you.

Hi John

Yes the course is good for any type of beginner,EOD included.Think like this, many people cant trade and loose thousands whilst they try and learn,some give up and some are in denial that things are going wrong.

Some people will happily loose £345 on a trade and think of it as the cost of doing business.Spending the same amount on a course at the beginning is something many find hard to do.Yet that is the time to do it before these losses start accumulating.

Just having someone pointing you in the right direction at the very beginning can save huge amounts further down the line.

I have normally only taught traders,however part of teaching is a willingness to help people.When i started i followed things out there for beginners and found most didn't work.It cost me a lot of money whilst i sorted things out and learnt techniques that did.

I teach how traders trade not how beginners think they should trade.
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