Naz, please come in: about your Nasdaq level 2 direct access course


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Hi Naz,

I am very interested in your Nasdaq level 2 direct access course, but is it suitable for people like me who are rather new to trading? Or should I gain more knowledge and experience before going for the course?

If it is suitable, how can I make a booking? Through the link in the Learning page of this website?

Thanks a lot. :)


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You're best bet is to email Naz direct. Although best not to do so in nasdaq hours.

The fact that you are fairly new to trading may help you a great deal because you carry over no pre conceived ideas and bad trading practises.


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When I went on his course he mentioned that he was
introducing a new course specifically for beginners. As
options says contact Naz for more information.



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Hi Clylbw,

Sorry i've been busy with the markets.I can always be contacted on my e mail address at [email protected] or [email protected]

Options is correct that being fairly new is ideal because you wont come with any bad trading habits.

With many people trading with ib and charting packages now offering level 2 as an add on,i have just changed the course to show how anyone with this type of set up and my indicators can spot stock entry points before they move.

I'll send you a personal message and have a chat.



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Naz, I too am interested in looking into Level 2. I have some TA knowledge but hopefully not too many bad habits, I ditched those when I gave up being a monk!

Perhaps you could PM/e-mail me with some outlines of what you do or a contact number for a discussion??


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