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I'm new to the site but have so far found it very helpful. I am looking for a decent course on trading, I have seen many on the web but feel very sceptical about 90% of them.

I have seen one that I think may be good and I was wondering if anyone had heard of it?

It is from FTS and the founder is Peter Hall. The course is a stock market essentials and they also do a charting course which looks quite good.

Has anyone heard if this is any good?

Also, is there any other courses out there that would be better for a beginner?

Many thanks


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Actually I know someone called Peter Hall who lost all his life savings on the stock market-im pretty sure it aint the same guy though!

I think general consensus is that anyone who is knocking there guts out trying to sell you there award winnings systems is a dirty rotten lying scoundrel because theyd be spending there time trading otherwise


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Donot go on any course what so ever.. Most coaches are the rejects from the market who are looking for their victims outside the market..

Stick to this BB .. there is a huge amount of info here that will help you ..



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I will send you a private message concerning this.



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Thanks for the replies. I think you have made up my mind, maybe I will just trawl through this site and find out as much info as I can, aswell as paper trading. Thanks again!


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Do the search with word URL and you will get results of the real knowledge on this site.


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There are hundreds of links mentioned in various posts and i think these links are a valuable source of knowledge.


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This is the best place to find anything out worthwhile on trading. Period.


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if anyone's interested, Finspreads have just sent out their yearly news roundup to clients and have stated they intend to take their FREE London-based seminar program "up and down the country".
clients are asked to email their interest and venue suggestion to [email protected].
I believe a guy called Sandy Jadeja may be running the seminars. He has attracted some comment on this site. [try a search on his name, or "finspreads"].


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Nice post Mr Charts :D

It should create some controversy as per usual :cheesy:

Take it easy



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Can I make a suggestion?

I think you should go to the free seminars that CMC, Finspreads, IG and City are throwing? As I said they are free, and as far as I know there are no alterior motives except for the obvious one of trying to get you to sign up as a client.

I run the risk of advertising here, but I hope this site by know realise that I am not bothered who you trade with. I run a free seminar at work, so PM me if you are interested. I run through some basic and advanced material. I am writing some new material at the moment because I got so many comments about it being too complex. I get many there who are not even clients. Its an offer for you to learn from someone who lives and breahtes the market all day every day.

The problem that I have nheath100 is that although I or any trader can teach you the basic ( and the advanced) I can't teach you to pull the trigger.

The basic books on trading, you know the really heavy books like Edward and McGee etc, contain everything you will ever need to know to make a good life in the trading arena IN THEORY, but trading is not a theoretical profession.

The way I learned to execute was two-fold. It was through a lot of practise, practise, practise ( NOT paper trading because I needed to feel the psychological pressure as well ) and then back testing.

By back testing I mean that I purchased a lot of intra-day data and went through the days one by one, drawing lines and making notes of wave length and duration.

Of course it all depends on what kind of trader you are, short-term or longer term? Only you can answer that question.

Good luck

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