Nasdaq swing trading strategy (Exchange or disgussion)


Hello, I'm Beta.
I'm a trader in Taiwan. (About 7-8 years experience)
Usually trade Index futures with swing trading strategy I developed.

Recently I wrote a Nasdaq swing trading strategy, but which is not suit for my timezone.
US Maket open at 9.30pm-4.00am in my timezone while I'm sleepping. (Strategy dosen't consider After-hours.)

Strategy pic below. (46 months result.)


So I would like to exchange for swing trading strategy after-hours.
Or any other strategy that I can use. (Anyone interested can contact me.)

Also I'm willing to share my trading experience as well.
Here are some tips below for someone interesting in swing trading:

1. Leveraged trading is for someone who can beat the market without leverage.
(Or u are just leverage the lost...)

2. Using leverage at swing trading definately increasing the rate of bust or bankrupt.
(Max drawdown and per lost are important. Do not leverage more than Kelly criterion suggest)

3. Swing trading is not about the quotes of the day. I usually not watching maket everyday.
(I do believe keepping distance from maket have benefits.)

Wish all the best of luck.

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Hi, I do intraday trading but I think a swing strategy will work very well. I do day trading because the market is a little crazy with 4% down and 3% up, in the day, so there is a lot of profit there.