My first three days of day-trading


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I just don't get what is happening on this forum.
Perhaps if you ask one of the moderators you may get some enlightenment. I could give you a lucky shot in the dark guess as to why your posts were deleted, but I might be accused of vendor bashing :innocent:


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EMAC84, try reading the site guidelines, you may then have a clue as to why your posts are going missing Site Guidelines | Trade2Win

4. No Advertising

4.3 Advertising includes, but is not limited to: posting the URL of your commercial web site; offering for sale (or a free trial of) your product and/or service; posting references to, excerpts from, or details of your product and/or service; submitting a post with minimal content that, even in the absence of explicit references towards your product and/or service, is clearly designed to act as a lure towards it; posting your Email address or asking members to contact you for details of your product and/or service.
if you don't have trouble pimping out your products or services elsewhere, then maybe you should carry on posting at these sites that allow vendor infestations, rather than infesting ours with your site links and email every post :p
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Why not try income producing for new traders and assistance I provide to homeless and at risk underprivileged children from proceeds I generate via my websites and book sales etc. ........go figure.

So now go and delete this but before you do remember - Kids don't live on the streets - the DIE on the streets.
We must allow him to spam us, I mean think of the children, please.


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