Multiple strategies with IB ?


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I use IB for futures trading the Dax.

I was thinking through various strategy's recently and just wondered if it was possible to have 2 positions open at the same time in opposite directions in the same instrument.


I'm long the Dax but want to take a quick short scalp but leave my original long position open for further gains.

Any ideas if this can be done without opening 2 accounts.

Only way I can think of using the same account is to use different months. But you may then have a problem with liquidity. It would be better to have 2 accounts.
Two strategies are possible with one account...

The confusion would happen when you are both long and short the same number of contracts giving you an effective flat position.

As long as you have made a note of your positions and have the respective stop loss's and/or limits in place to trade each plan individually then the end result will be the same.


Alternatively you could ask IB to open a sub account to keep them separate for you to save confusion

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understand what you are saying NB, but you would end up paying the spread twice for the long position and paying the commission twice.

It's never quite as easy as you'd like!

My reply does't help directly, but to give the flexibility that blash is looking for I prefer SBing the Dow and the S&P. I am short the S&P longterm, but on up days I go long the Dow. Easy peasy!

Don't think you can do it with IB, you would need two separate accounts or an FA (Financial Advisor account). You can have an Advisor account that has sub-accounts. There is no reason why you can't have sub-accounts in your own name that allows you to maintain separate positions .

Your commission will be the same however you look at though. Your strategy is basically buy one, sell at a later date,

buy one sell one over a shorter time frame.

Whichever way you look at it you end up buying 2 and selling 2 so comm is the same.