Mulitiple screen displays


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How do you use yours?

Lots of charts or lots of prices?

I like charts but prefer to use prices to watch the markets for overall sentiment because that as far as I am concerned is far more important than individual share price, results news etc., For example good news is meaningless in a market that is falling like a stone.
I have mental prices and charts for the shares I follow and can fit more information onto the screens with just numbers.

Is news that useful until after the event? Unless you are watching certain shares then why not have news alerts instead? Saves screens and unlikely you will see/read the most important bit of news that you have been waiting for and just went to get a cuppa and now it has gone down past the visible bit so you missed it!

So I set my screens for market sentiment for max display so many numbers but you can see in a split second what the news meant to the market... all go red.. oh I hate that news... all blue.. yesssss.....
but a mix.. not so sure.

Over to you.... how do you use yours?