Mr Spread Betting is back, be careful everyone


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lolz ^

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Dec 29, 10:40am (1 hr 15 min ago)
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Hi guys.
During today I have been abused and accused by different members.
I didn't come here to sell anything or start a war or words.
I have always been pleasant..transparent and open.
I find myself now in a position that I hope wouldn't happen but did...getting lambasted for nothing.
I will keep my trade explorers open but this will be my last thread post.
Sorry it had to end this way but some morons have ruined it for everyone else.
Send me a PM if you want to contact me.
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i do not believe much to be honest and think the majority of info is false and misleading.i do not trust doctors consultants police etc.
Finally said something I like.


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Lol it even says "Lying Scotsman" on the train behind him. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

If you look down the twitter feed , Davies bank details....The sort code is from Chichester... shouldnt be that hard to track him down..:whistling
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