The most important thing in trading


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The most important thing a trader can have. Value-based decision making allows us to build a gap between the past and the future so that we consciously create the future that we want to have happen. So identify what you value and then make your best effort day after day to live by those values.


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Discipline there is nothing to do with good trading, it is bullshit.

Following your rules and trading plan there is nothing to do with discipline. Everyone says "I will never move my stop, I will never this and that again in my life blah blah" and they go and do exactly the opposite. Why? Because you fall victim to cognitive biases. There is nothing to do with discipline.

So you have to learn how to identify those cognitive biases and not let your mind/self-talk trick you into to doing shit. This is not discipline, it is awareness. Practice being mindful of that.

Discipline = rigidity, successful trading is mostly discretionary. You have to learn when to be rigid and when you can bend.


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Just to add to my previous post:

"manage your emotions" LOL, NO ONE can do that. You can´t control your emotions, you can´t suppress them. If you try do that while trading you gonna shift your focus from the trading task to your internal states, and you can´t win this battle. The more you fight to control your emotions/thoughts, the more they become stronger.

So what you have to learn is to just acknowledge them as normal events that come and go naturally. As quickly as they come, they also go away. Thoughts and emotions are always passing by, just acknowledge them for what they are and don´t focus on them. That is mindfulness practice. As soon as you start paying attention to them, fighting them, chances are very high you are falling victim to your cognitive biases.


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The most important detail in trading is your preparation and emotional state, because if you start trading tired, angry or emotionally exhausted, there is a high probability that your trading day will end in failure.
There are many options for what you can do in a situation if you understand that today is the day you should not trade. It's trivial, but you can just relax, I know that there are a huge number of perfectionists among the traders who think that they should grab any opportunity to make money and just can't afford to relax. But there's nothing criminal or scary about it, we're all human and sometimes we have to take a break. In an extreme case, you can trade on a demo or study some theory, news.


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It is true that many people trade for the sake of thrills, and in fact these people are not afraid even that they can lose money if they act without detailed analysis and accurate preparation. I think that in this case people confuse trading with some kind of gambling and do not want to take it as a separate business line, which really requires study, strength, time, financial investments, which are calculated due to the constant maintenance of statistics, etc. For some reason it is much easier for people to count on higher forces, luck, horoscopes, coincidence of circumstances, and then they say that in trading it is impossible to earn. Well, of course. Personally, it annoys me a lot, and I even fought a couple of times with my colleagues about it. But of course, everyone remains with their opinion.
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