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I currently have a 19´´ and 17´´ monitor and would like more monitor space.I am looking at getting two 15´´ or one 21´´ TFT monitor.My question is to those of you with more than 2 monitors which do you think would be more useful two 15´´ or one 21´´ and why?

Regards PeterB
I'd go for the 21".

Reasons: easier to scan three monitors as they're nicely balanced, rather than four monitors. So I have a 21" in the middle, and then the smaller ones on either side of it at a slight angle.

I have my three main linked ones, and then the fourth is a stand-alone. You don't need to move your head to look at three monitors, but you do have to with four.


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There are 3 main elements to the choice.

1. the size of the monitors
2. the resolution of the monitors
3 cost versus performance

there are then some secondary issues such as class of TFT, bandwidth capability, refresh rate, dpi, contrast levels, maximum brightness, emission standards, response times, connection standard (analogue or DVI) and dot pitch.

Complimenting these are the secondary functions which may be offered ie. USB hub, integral speakers etc.

A 21 inch TFT screen which has a 1600x1200 native resolution will be four times (at least) more expensive than a single 15 inch which supports 800x600. However, the 21 inch (in this example)would be able to display the same data as four of the 15 inch screens and would generally be of a far higher specification in other areas.

The big but with TFTs at the moment is very few manufacturers or retailers are prepared to certify that the screen you purchase will be error free. The higher resolution screens are more prone to manufacturing faults.

Check out for some very good articles on TFT/LCD screens.

So, before offering any assistance it may help if we had a better idea of how they will be used.

What are the resolutions of the current screens?
Are there any special requirements (USB hub etc.)?
Does your graphics card support the TFT of choice (resolution and connection)?

Unlike Skim I find it hard to condense 30 years of experience in this area into a couple of lines :)


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two 21 inch .25 or less dot pitch flat screen monitors runnning at 1600 X 1200 res will cover a huge area in zone of our cone of vision

and now as tft screens are in fashion, the monitors are very cheap to buy...look out for Sony or DELL monitors (which are also branded sony's I understand..)

and in a way I prefer monitors to tft screens...


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I recently worked on another trading platform from my own that had 3 Dell 20/21 flat screens with 16ms response time and they were very good.However on reflection for me i think 19" flat screens would suffice and the cost saving is worth it.


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Dell sell scaffolding for multi monitor set ups. Useful for placing monitors above eachother if you have more than 2.

Compaq/HP probably do as well.


TFT monitors

Thanks very much for all the replies,very interesting to read,the monitors I currently have are CRT.Ishall install a pci card for the TFT monitor I will purchase.

regards PeterB


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I've also found that staring at TFT monitors for long periods seems easier on the eyes as you do not have problems with refresh frequencies etc. And I have a lot more space on my desk now the 19" CRT is gone.

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