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Newtron Bomb

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I have been reading several threads on these boards about putting a duel monitor in to you PC so that 2 or more monitors can be run of the same machine. I have also noted that this option can be expensive and may be problematic although the end product is reward in itself.

However, I have purchased a new PC this weekend as it would have cost more to upgrade (bazaar or what??!!) and while inquiring about a duel monitor card the sales assistant informed me that he had not heard of a duel monitor card for some time and after explaining what I wanted it for (two monitors didnt seem to explain it all to him) he suggested a "VJ adapter" or a "Monitor Comparator" in which i can plug several monitors into this external box unit without the need to crack my PC open.

Just thought I would share this information with you all am sure some of you have a spare monitor around the place or can get a hold of one and it is as good an alternative to devalidating a warranty by a bit of needless DIY.

Hmmm. Sounds like your salesperson was clueless. Multiple Monitor cards are very common. I have a dual Matrox card in my PC and could have gotten a quad card except I didn't see the need at the time. They're not cheap and can run upwards of $600 for the top of the line.

I don't know how you'll be able to run multiple monitors on a single graphics card. Even if it's possible, it would seem the refresh speed and picture quality would be compromised. Course, I tend to be clueless about those things as well. :rolleyes:

I'm sure the local traders who use multiple monitors can give some good advice on the best (and least expensive) way for you to accomplish the deed.

Good luck.
HMMMmm another spanner thrown in the works, thanks Ausin_clone....

Hopefully someone will be able to shed some light onto the best way to get a duel monitor on the go
Sounds to me like you bought it from PC world.... or Dixons... or Currys ?...

Email me the spec of the machine, operating system and I'll tell you what to do.

cos it was cheeper to buy new than to get dell to do a custom build for the same amount my dear Watson!!!!
Hi Newtron

I was told all sorts when I wanted to do this.
I purchased a duel card for 25 quid despite being told I needed one for about 80. This works perfectly.
I have just put a seperate old pci card into my backup machine, I now have duel monitors on this. Card cost a fiver.
Just as a test I put the pci card into my main machine a couple of weeks ago. No drivers installed, started it and then had 3 monitors on one machine, instantly, cost 30 quid.
I think you do need XP though. Very easy to set up in display settings. Would have to be or I couldn't have done it.
If anyone tells you that an expensive card is needed it's probably because they want to sell you one.

Hi, for me same as Austin Clone

My Win 98 machine has a Matrox Dual head, cost £50 ish, works a dream.
Recently bought an XP laptop from Dell - and read something on this bb about being able to do dual screens without buying anything, and with the help of Rossored it works a treat for zilcho cost.
Newtron Bomb - your salesman was just selling a box and was clueless, although it is only traders who want multiple screens stretching across one window so he'd probably never come across this before. Chartman will put you right for sure.

I installed a Matrox dualhead card in the AGP slot of my PIII-667 (about £80 from Dabs) and an Appian Geronimo dualhead pci card (£20 from Ebay) and I can run 4 monitors, although currently just using 3. Running on W2000 pro.
Thank you all for your views and setups.... It just seemed easier to have an adapter box at the back of your pc to plug stuff in and to be honest i thought i was coming up wit some overlooked revelation... the sales guy had heard of a duel monitor card but not for some time and had never seen one in action.

CM has kindly offered to guide me through the process. My main dilemma for looking for an alternative to opening my pc is that given my past experiences with various companies who sell packages I got on site support and replace. My reason for this was that ive had a nightmare with my current pc for the past 3 years and this has finally driven me up the wall plus my trading is full time and i want the reassurance that i can have my pc fixed that day remotely or an engineer will come the next working day to fix or replace it, i have wasted the last two weeks because of various problems (not related to virus's)

I was also concerned that i would be de-validating my support or warranty by opening my pc up too. Re-reading the small print give me the impression that i wont but you never know eh?!

Thank you all again for your views, i will let you know how it goes.
Incidentally my latest problem this morning is my mouse driver has disappeared again.... it will reappear some time later in the day no doubt!!!! but at least i have learned all the short cut functions, it switches between my monitor driver and my mouse driver playing hide and seek and about ten restarts normally sorts it ;)

Thanks for the vote BTW all green again :cheesy: