Great Offer on new 15" TFT Screen


Found this great offer on a Viewsonic VG150 15" LCD display on, if your'e looking for a new monitor, this is well worth checking out:

This seems a real bargain, normally retails for £600 eg. and have it potentially for half that price, £300 inc. vat At that price I might buy a couple.

And here's a few reviews:

These days it's rare to find a real bargain, but this looks too good to be true! And perhaps Chartman can confirm this, but I think a 15" TFT is nearly as large as a standard 17" monitor.

Yes - looks a bargain. Trade prices are around £330 + vat for the cheapies!And yes, they are about the same viewable area as a regular 17" monitor.
I personally don't like the one I have. It needs to be run at 1000*768 res to get the best out of it, and I find that too small.....BUT it is very convenient,takes up very little desk space,is easy on the eyes, and not a bitch to put under your arm and take home....:)
One Happy Shark..

I've only been using them for a few days but I must say these flatscreens are great, you get the real estate size of a 17" monitor, but they take up no room, are really bright, really crisp and the colours are lush. And what better thing to go with such a monitor but a fantastic 3D fish bowl screensaver at - I could swim around in it all day :)

Sharky, all sold out! In future email me first before publically announcing bargains like this.
Hiya Hill,

Well spotted! Only six this time, did you buy a couple? I should check every day they seem to have some really good offers. I checked the link and your right it doesn't work, but here's the new one that does.. and you'll see everyone seems to agree these monitors are the bee's knees. Lovely screen's, and you just have to download the fish bowl screesaver - it look's terrific, and very relaxing!!!


Thanks for the URL. I bought one and so did a colleague. Thank's for alerting the board to this. Did you buy one? I'll try to check the site out each day. Ok, as you are plugging the screen saver I'll get hold of it. All the best.

on a trip to a local Aldi store yesterday I saw the following. A 19 inch TFT black flat monitor for £299. The brand name escapes me (not one I had heard of before - perhaps Asian or even Scandinavian?), but in any case it came with a 36 month guarantee. Seems great value for money.


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Just remembered -

It was a Gericom 19" black flat tft monitor.

I believe that Gericom are an Austrian company - based in Linz by the way :)
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Incorrect price correction


sorry for supplying incorrect information. :eek:

I went back to Aldi today in order to buy a couple of the Gericom 19" tft monitors - Thinking they were £99 each. They were however £299 each.

When went the other day they had a price of £99 displayed in front of them - without any reference made to the product. Today full details are displayed and the price is £299.

They also have some silver 17" Medion TFT LCD monitors for £269 each.

What is the difference between a TFT monitor and a TFT LCD monitor?