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Money/am web site
I Would appreciate any current members thoughts on the money/am site (??? excellent, v/good, good, poor, rubbish)

Thanks in advance for any comments
I alpha tested it before launch and IMHO it's a good site with good people and run very well by Mike Boydell. All sites have problems, but Mike is responsive, listens and acts when customers have problems.
Knowing Mike, it will end up the best site of its type, just as T2W is the best of its type.
hmmm not sure about that.
its all right but .......
I prefer this
down at the mo for update back about 4pm.
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I tried Money/am Level 2 offering, which is less than a third of the cost of Proquote. I very quickly found out why and gave up. It did not work properly and was a clumsy affair which required masses of screen space and comes complete with the added distraction of flashing adverts on your Level 2 information. Not a serious tool in my view. The site itself is much like the rest of the countless similar ones.
I had a shock when I first looked at moneyam. It is so similar to ADVFN. Why didn't they come up with a more original design?
Mike Boydell used to run ADVFN?
might explain the similar look and feel ?
He was MD and advfn was his idea and was set up with OnLine with Mike Hodges and Clem Chambers.
He and Clem parted company and many of the best staff left with him to set up moneyam.
Well, MoneyAM and ADVFN are similar today, MoneyAM is down whilst ADVFN is very slow, anyone suffering similar problems?
So they fell out and decided to have two websites that seem to perform the same function. Seems a bit like cutting the house in two when you get a divorce. :)