Modified FTSE system


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Fettered C

Here is the system I mentioned private based simply on difference of max-min from yesterday to previous

Cant see how to send it privately, still it is hardly rocket science
Self explanatory

Delivers moderate results- ie 12000 points - 10000 net of spreads
with drawdown 500-600

Delivers just over half of my FTSE main system - and the drawdown is too high


  • fchin.xls
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thanks mate. i got it now. you can delete it if you want now..

kind of along the lines i have been working thus far

cheers again though



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For comparison

results of my main system ( this time net of spreads and charges)

Vive la difference...
but I would luv to know how much better systems are out there

Returns have dropped of because of lack of voltatility lately

PS if anyone else gives me a zero rating, to get my bars down less than the present 3 , I shall disappear into the sunset...!!!!


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Would anyone like to comment on this system by Kimmrunner, it claims to produce 10000 points?
Isn't that fantastic?
I don't actually know what the system is, and would appreciate if Kimmrunner could perhaps outline the strategy here?
Anyway, from my perspective this is an excellent system if it produces so many points, what do other people think, and why would it be considered a 'moderate system', can people generate even more points that this?

Many thanks


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Would you be kind enough to explain your spreadsheet a little bit. Sorry if I am being thick.

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