mobile internet access via laptop


I want to be able to access the internet for trading purposes on my laptop via mobile phone.
Sorry about that- wrong button. I know about gprs, which I understand is sold per MB; however, Ialso understand that share price graphs are data-intensive, but I have not so far found out just how many pages of graphs one can download per Mb in order to work out if this woulod be cost-effective. Someone told me the figure might be as low as 3 pages per Mb, as oppose to approx 20 pages for standard web pages. I also know that Orange do, as well as and as an alternative to gprs, a High Speed Data service that is costed per minute of access. Has anyone any experience of these services who could advise me on what service might be suitable for trading -on-the-go? Also, has anyone experience of the slower standard 9.6 connection-
Hi blipper,

I would probably forget GPRS due to the expense.

Personally I have used Oranges 28.8K High Speed Data, whilst not brilliant it is useable if you have no alternative method of connection.

Hi blipper,

I would probably go for a Wireless Broadband connection.
Lots of places around the UK already have this facility.
Check with BT to see if it is worth your while.