Mini Dow trading hours



Apologies if this is obvious but I'm new to futures.

I am looking into trading Dow Mini contracts. Are the trading hours for this contract the standard US ones i.e. 14:30 - 21:00 London time, because before this time, the futures quote on IB was still updating, and on the CBOT Sun – Fri, 8:15pm – 4pm CST

Yep, strictly speaking trading hours are the regular hours - 9.30EST to 1600EST - however, a broker like IB for example change the margin requirements 15mins before close, so at 1545hrs it basically doubles into the overnight margin. There's nothing to stop you holding overnight though, or executing trades during the wee hours if you really feel you must.

Another question to anyone out there...

Reading the 'Day Trading the Dow Jones DJI' article by Newtron Bomb, the charts shown are of the Dow Jones index, but does he trade mini Dow Futures, using the index itself to base his trading decisions upon, rather than charts of the corresponding mini Dow Futures?


I'm not sure what Newt does - dont think he trades YM to be honest, but he'll doubltess stick his head on here and correct me in a minute. ChartMan ( who actually writes the articles ) trades the Dow cash ( not futs )via SB I believe.

Sometimes chart patterns can be easier to spot on the cash rather than the futures price, but I've found lately sticking to the futures chart (although more choppy) is just as good for me. You get used to it eventually.
Well, the question was directed at futures trading.

The "cash" price is the one most people ( including most of the SB companies ) use for spreadbetting, rather than December contract.