Method to figure out number of price swings


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Wrong again. Anyone can read for themselves how we got here, but I'll make it easier:

The Original post:

A response:

My reply to the above response:

Your condescension and insult:

Again, this site allows your trollism. Wonderful. I also have the right to not explain anything to matter how much you beg via trolling.

Raise your hand if you understand.

... so asking you to explain "one degree of freedom" is trolling?


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Hey, I am looking for an indicator/statistical tool which allows me to figure out how many "bigger price swings" happen per day. Even better would be to know the median time span of such a price swing. Are there any standard methods to calculate this?

I know this question is rather vague. However, I don't know yet what exactly I need. (I am trying to find a correlation.) Therefore, any tips which might be just remotely related to what I am asking for might be helpful!
Welcome to T2W! :rolleyes::LOL:

I like Keltner Channels, you would have to experiment with the settings but put very simply, 'Bigger price swings' would cross over the the outer lines. That's as much info as I can give you with what you've said so far. But please feel free to elaborate.


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everyone got want they wanted, theres the swing high..

here come the real players..

and they are RUTHLESS:eek:
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