Swing Trading (Risk to Reward Percentages)

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Currently, I am working to build a swing trading strategy that suits my lifestyle, I day trade and work full-time.
I realized that it takes more time than expected, I set my reward at 10% but setting a stop-loss in profit when it hit 6% profits, but this take time to realize.

Now I am going to test the 5% reward as this may be more realistic in a short time frame?

Any tips or advice on risk to reward percentage when swing trading?

I am using the RSI oversold tool to find stocks that are below the 30 line, then I research that the news that made the stock drop is temporary and financials etc. to buy stocks to swing trade.
This might be a language issue but I am not completely understanding what you have posted.

You say you set your reward at 10% - 10% of what? Usually trade positions are described according to the risk if it fails, and risk is expressed as a percentage of account capital that could be lost, usually if your stop-loss is triggered.

Its actually very hard to set a target at which you would take profits so its not a helpful way to measure the success of a trade.
Hi tomorton, the reason I am looking to set a take profit at 5% is due to the limited time I have for this portfolio, if it doesn't work I will move the investment to a long-term portfolio. But I noticed it's easier to gain like 5% in a short time frame than 10%. I like the risk to reward of 1 to 3 but I usually just hold the stock even if it drops by 5% and wait till it goes back in profit.