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Why on earth is it that they employ Meter readers who are 5'6"
or less in height. ?

I don't mean Parking meters.

Just Gas & Electricity meter readers.

Grrrrrr !

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nice one oatman. It was probably true at some time ?
like chimney sweeps .

but that isnt where they put the meters in modern houses !


quite impossible for them to reach over the top of a side gate
and slide a bolt.

and it's p##ssing down.

so either I get wet or have yet another estimated reading !

again !
Are you sure your not just annoyed because your application of being a meter reader got rejected on the grounds you are over the required height??
what's wrong with platform shoes ?
shouldnt get thrown on the dole just because I like to wear them ?

It's just pure pediatristic prejudice .

Trouble with platform soles is that you can't get your knees under the trading desk. :cheesy:
I still have fond memories of my platforms and Oxford bags. I seriously thought I was the next Noddy Holder (Slade). Shame about the looks and my singing voice. Mind you that never stopped Slade.
desk ?
what desk.
you rich guys really get to me.

you cant get a desk inside the stair cupboard.

I have to work on top of my shoebox !
Can't remember where I got the desk, but it was about 40quid. Just about supports 2 pcs and a bacon sarny. Mustn't get too excited when trading tho. :cheesy:
My trading desk is a cheap wooden dining room table, a wooden box makes a makeshift shelf and a few plastic boxes under it to put my paperwork in :)

I recently invested in a desk organiser (the one for the pens) and a hole punch (purple) to complete the look.

Oh and my desk is under the stairs, just under the coat hooks.

Luckily Im only 5ft 6 so I should get the job as meter reader I applied for and be able to buy a new desk and put an extension on the understairs bit :)
Just cut 3" from the legs of my TD- just as well- the gas in the chair is no more, might as well be sat on the floor. :(

Got the kneeling seat out- amazing how your posture improves- used it 3 days & Iam already 4" taller :cheesy:
now turn and face east and say three times after me
"up"; "up"; "up"
5 more points should do it!

allah aqba !



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