Metastock system testing


Is it possible to use SAR rather than a simple stop in a Metastock system test? I'm using 7.01, maybe I need to upgrade?
I'm not a fan of the system tester but I think that you can enter a close condition (long or short) with the SAR function:


the parameters are those recommended by Wilder in his book New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems.

He strongly suggests that a value larger than 0.2 is not used.

Good luck.
Thanks, I've tried that, it's not quite what I'm looking for. I want to be able to stop and reverse anywhere where the system tester would ordinarily stop out, i.e. on a specific % or point loss, or break even or whatever, rather than on the value of the parabolic SAR indicator.

What are your reservations with the system tester? Testing in particular or just Metastock's implementation?
I think that you could "stop and reverse" at a specific % gain by coding

100 * (valuewhen(1,"entry condition goes here",
c) - c)/c;

if you see what I mean. There might be problems with certain entry conditions but the idea seems ok.

re: the system tester, it's just a personal preference to use the explorer. I think the system tester only works on one stock at a time and I prefer scanning the database for good setups.
I agree with Darth so far as the System Tester is concerned, and I only use it to indicate maximum profit/loss entry/exit points set against my charges and making allowance for the bid/offer price. This allows me to back test any indicators I use together with the Explorer in seeking opportunities.

Try the equis site for formulae in seeking what you are looking for, together with the links on the site.

Best wishes