MetaStock - limitations with testing long periods?


Hello Guys,

This is my first post. I thought I was good at MetaStock but I found a problem. I wanted to test my systems on 1H charts starting in 2006 or at least 2008. However, it looks like MetaStock can work only on time frame not longer than 1 year(for 1H bars).

Is that true? Is there a way to test system on bigger "dates"? Whatever range I put there system always calculates only last year(or something).

1. Is there a way to overcome this problem with MetaStock? Any special versions?
2. If not, is there any other charting/backtesting software that is using MetaStock language and does not have this problem?
3. If not, what other software would be good to test systems in very long time frames?(at least 5 years for 1H charts)

Not true. Just set the time period when you load the chart.

Amibroker is compatible with Metastock language, it is cheaper and IMO a lot better with backtesting although I always liked Metastock graphics.
You are right, thanks trader3cnd. I do not know how but for the first time I was able set it right in testing and it works!