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Well, this BB has caught the attention of the Investors Chronicle. In this week's issue it says,"There's also a new website (,that could develop into a useful resource for information on TA and trading systems." Let's expect a swelling of numbers accessing the site! all you good folks out there keep the posts rolling in and stimulate further interest.

So far, at least IMHO, it has proved much, much easier to enter UK illegally across the Channel, than for any of these "juvenile mutants" to spoil this board.
As a chartist, I can only assume that both trends will remain in place, all things being equal.
I am not passing any political comment AT ALL.
Just the facts.
What I find hard to believe, is the fact that I haven't even had a sniff of one of these mutants on this BB .Maybe they can smell the "anorak types" here - just like garlic to a vampire.And I mean Anoraks is the best possible way- dedicated enthusiasts - thats just how we seem to them!
Sad people.

Well Chartman explained it all..nothing to add..

You have to wonder how a national magazine got the details. The question is, will a wider membership add value to this site? If the answer is yes I have no difficulty with that, such decisions are not for me to take. I can understand the need to open up the BB to the wider investing community if the objective is to seek commercial backing at some point. The danger of course is that the culture and character of the site might change significantly. Anybody who visits iii will bear testament to that difference. I am not sure I would be comfortable with that, although I will keep an open mind and always consider the views of my fellow members. In my view this is unlikely to happen. I do not see this site appealing to the masses, although I could be wrong.


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Rest assured, that whilst the OPS of this BB are looking for increased membership, it will not be at the expense of a characteristic change to the BB. We all know that what we have here is unique and I'm sure the members will support 100% the efforts of the OPS to keep it that way, whatever it may take on our part........
To all new and old members of Trade2win:

This site as an entity from the bb, chat rooms, tools, to the lectures for newbies was built by traders for traders. I'm glad to hear that our site has seen national recognition and I am looking forward to more. I will work hard to reach that point and you have seen that I'm working with commercial companies to bring top tools to this site. To all that are concerned about the up keep of the quality of this site,we as a team at trade2win will hold a strong hand at protecting that status. There were many reasons for this site but only 1 remains top in our mind as a team, that is to bring traders together as a community to work as group to fight the market and not among ourselves. We have all seen the mistakes other sites have made and we are aware of them and will work hard not to take those paths. I hope these words bring comfort to you all. (Only a wise person will tell you, I am always up for learning) meaning, we need growth to see new and fresh thinking from other traders. There are many more of us that are committed as traders, and we must welcome them and embrace them into our community.

The stance of the team seems to be spot on regarding this issue. We must remain open to new views and ideas from new members and give them a chance. After all I have benefited enormously from being accepted here. I am also glad that anyone seen to abuse the nature of the board will be dealt with swiftly. So I urge new members who are reading this and are here to ramp or deramp shares : Don't Bother. If you are going to recommend a share, back it up with reliable info. Read through the posts and you will see what this site is all about. There is so much to learn here from these guys so make the most of it. They are also an extremely helpful bunch so don't be intimidated if you are a newcomer. In fact, "virgins" have their very own room so don't be afraid to ask, even on the most trivial of matters. Finally, a big welcome to all newbies!


PS congrats must go to the team for all their work and deserved recognition. Cheers lads
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why this BB will always be polite.

My experience of people is that they adapt to the changing circumstances that they find themselves in very quickly to avoid looking out of place. ( most human beings want acceptance into the pack ) Therefore i think you will find that when new ppl come to this BB they will carry on the traditions of RESPECT, POLITENESS. Or they will very soon look out of place.