In the Press..


Quite a few new members have joined this weekend. Welcome to landie, bob hope, bibbob, canuck, boyplunger, ibet, sellnow, kenbachelor, phlebas, dunragit, morris2001, tucan, chessfou, barryhill and praveenpabby!

Which makes me think we may have had some press coverage somewhere. I'd like to start this thread so if any of our members see us get a mention, please let us know here. Thanks!


BTW. We've already been talked about in the Investor's Chronicle and CNBC!
Came across this site, when browsing some other links. Good site, but unfortunately I can't seem to get your chat feature to work. When I click on a chat room, I am told I have to be a registered member - yet I have registered! Am I missing something?


Should be no problem.....maybe you are using netscape or something out of the ordinary...Sharky will sort you out if you give a few more details here of your system/browser /version etc. In the mean time, the preferred method of entry is to use's a bit of a fiddle to get going, but well worth the effort.
Welcome aboard, all of you :)
Only taken me a few months but apparently T2W was mentioned
in the 11-17th Jan 02 edition of Investor's Chronicle. Someone wrote is asking where to find the best bulletin boards
and T2W was recommended for it's focus on TA.

If anyone still has a copy of this issue, could you take a quick look, and copy the Q&A into this thread thanks!