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Hi All,

Been trading full-time for 15 years. Getting a bit bored for a while especially this week and last week with the market doing nothing. Decided to do some market analysis on youtube since I hate writing my thoughts. Note, I will not give trades that I am taking or how I am managing my account.

This week is still the same junk with the indexes still below the pivots.

Not much going on this week. Hence the lack of videos. We have a new quarter so that will be the tell.

This was for told weeks in advance.
like i said, nothing has changed still down trending. Month of october is a no-go. In a few days we will know about november as well. drops like these take one or two months to recover back to the pivot.
catching trends is a farce. if you pay attention to how price action really works, you wil stop worrying about missing the move

ooo, if you got tricked by yesterday's rally, this video is for you. Market does not like gaps and being underneath pivots.