Market Sentiment


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Hello everyone, this is my fist posting as a new member to this site,having read through the postings over the last few days I would firstly like to compliment you on the content shown, probably the most informative site that I have visited.I am a short term full time trader, trading both On the UK and US markets,I use TA as my bible for both entry and exit points when trading stocks.One of the rules that I adheer to religiously is market timeing, it is difficult enough to make your required profit on a selection, this level of dificulty increases greatly if you trade against the tide of market sentiment, wether going long or short you need to try to have an understanding as to wether the overall market is more likely to move up, down or channel.Therefore the first charts that I look at each morning are the Indexes, to try to determine the days , weeks price direction, I don't want to trade long if we are heading for a bearish short term period or go short in a bull phase.Once you are happy with the way the market looks then you can apply your share selection criteria,with another tick in your trading stategy box the odds are reduced and the chance of profit are increased slightly.Just one part of the jigsaw puzzle I know, but not to be underestermated.
A warm welcome to you Sparky and an informative first post too. Am sure your contibrutions will be welcomed by one and all

Best wishes and good trading