March Competition Winner


Congratulations to Monty Burns who becomes our 14th Winner of the competition with an impressive gave of £16,127.92 - that's a 32% increase in starting capital from 4 weeks ago. Your name has been added to our list of t-shirt winners, and one will be sent out to you just as soon as the new design is printed, hopefully in the next few weeks.

So how did Monty do it? Well, his one big winning trade was on Corus in which he shorted at 6.76p at 11:00am and cover 3 hours later at 4.12p for a massive profit of £18,232.89 - not bad for three hours wait - though he was staking everything but the kitchen sink on it.

Coming close behind were Crazy Guy, sher24 and kgab2268 with just £768.72 pence between them - and all with a profit of between 22 and 24%. Crazy Guy made a number of excellent trades on Pudential and also did well with Friends Provdent netting £2,960.55 with one long trade, and finished the comp with 7 closed trades in profit and just 2 in loss. Sher24 also made a number of good trades - 9 of which were closed with a profit exceeding £1k - these included Astrazeneca, Aviva, MMO2, B Sky B, Abbey National, Royal & Sun Alliance and Glaxo, and just one losing trade exceeding £1k on Corus. Kgab2268 on the other hand favoured a much high risk strategy staking his pot each time on just 5 shares, 4 of which were below 40 pence. The big break came on Kingsbridge with an increase from just 1 p to 1.5p netting a massive £25,757.57. Unfortunately substantial looses on Cyprotex, Medisys and Expro, kept kgab from taking the top spot.

The final top 10 positions for this month were:

1 Monty Burns £66,127.92
2 Crazy Guy £62,152.77
3 sher24 £61,886.88
4 kgab2268 £61,384.05
5 inthepot £58,082.23
6 ThePhraze £56,461.56
7 Uncle £55,987.73
8 Amdrac £55,252.55
9 eyup £54,887.09
10 MrAmulet £54,551.49

Well done to all participants, we had over a 100 last month which I think must be a record. Glad that so many people are enjoying what essentially is a bit of fun, but which at the same time can be a great simulation of the real thing. I'm looking forward to receiving more feedback about ways in which we can improve it and in late Summer I plan to launch an updated version based on the feedback I get.

Good luck to everyone for this next competition, which of course starts tomorrow in earnest.