May Competition Winner


Our May Competition winner is eyup with an impressive profit of £38,168.28 - his buy and hold strategy on MyTravel proved very successful (..or perhaps he just forgot to sell!).

Although you'd think the glory of winning the T2W would be enough reward - we're very pleased to be able to offer him a free 3 month ADVFN Level 2 data subscription.

Here are the final top 10 contestants from last month, all with very respectable profit margins.

1. eyup £88,168.28
2. badger2003 £71,940.23
3. Caledonian Seer £69,323.43
4. Crazy Guy £62,526.62
5. Monty Burns £61,646.48
6. stathis20 £61,078.50
7. stantheman £59,504.67
8. Andymac £58,681.34
9. smila £57,692.30
10. kevinmcm £57,674.62
:D :D :D

not really sure if meant to reply to that message but its late and theres not a lot else to do! this will be my first post aswell ;-)

Didnt forget to sell ;-) just waiting for an announcement but alas it never came. anyway i'm still waiting for it!!! feels really odd only doing 1 trade but i hope to become more active once i finish my finals, and then live up my final few weeks of being a student! ;) have to join the real world soon :(

anyways i'll wear the t-shirt with pride :D keep up the good work.