M5EURJPY - accurate signals + auto trade option. wow.


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Hey all,

Hope, all of you enjoy your summer time and have at least small opportunity to trade on FX.
Since I'm part time trader, due lack of time - I'm trying fast time frames. This time I'd like to
share tool that I use for one month aprox.

Simple = take active time sessions like LDN/NY. Use small TP/SL target - M5 is quite active
and need short SL/TP levels - otherwise even profitable M5 trade may lead to loss.

3 times AUTO trade option allow to be away from pc from time to time and come into FX
as soon as signal come... great option... due 3 trades limit - still safe... because EAs are
risky on active TFs.

Have a great day & see you on different topics
PS: no email/registration - clear download + full details... (don't want to copy past all things).