Smellyfeet Trading method,Signals and Result


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Hi guys this is my first post here, but I've been active in few different forex forums and trading forex nearly 8 years now but still learning though, I'm going to provide weekly signals here and results,

Ok, every Sunday evening gmt I'm going to provide a signals for the incoming week all you need to do is enter all the parameters and your job is done, Friday evening before the market close we are going to close all trades and Saturday I will post the result for you guys to see! But anyway here's my signals last night pls do not use this signal now cause some of this is already active, you can wait next Sundays signal and use it to your demo or live account, I'm using 15 currency pairs but I'm only using maximum of 15% of my capital, money management is really important here I can easily bag 1000 pips a month with this method, pls don't attack me sharing my method I want us to get on well here and before you say it no, I'm not selling anything here, but might consider a " buy me coffee" or " glass of wine for my wifey" button lol!

Weekly Signals Sept 30-4 Oct

[email protected] 1.3580 SL 1.3480 TP 1.3830
[email protected] 1.3460 SL 1.3560 TP 1.3210

[email protected] 0.9118 SL 0.9018 TP 0.9368
[email protected] 0.8998 SL 0.9098 TP 0.8748

[email protected] 1.6197 SL 1.6097 TP 1.6447
[email protected] 1.6077 SL 1.6177 TP 1.5827

[email protected] 98.86 SL 97.86 TP 101.36
[email protected] 97.56 SL 98.56 TP 95.06

[email protected] 0.9385 SL 0.9285 TP 0.9635
[email protected] 0.9245 SL 0.9345 TP 0.9495

[email protected] 0.8353 SL 0.8253 TP 0.8603
[email protected] 0.8193 SL 0.8293 TP 0.7943

[email protected] 1.4585 SL 1.4485 TP 1.4835
[email protected] 1.4435 SL 1.4535 TP 1.4185

[email protected] 159.18 SL 158.18 TP 161.68
[email protected] 157.78 SL 158.78 TP 155.28

[email protected] 1.0369 SL 1.0269 TP 1.0619
[email protected] 1.0239 SL 1.0339 TP 0.9989

[email protected] 1.7397 SL 1.7297 TP 1.7647
[email protected] 1.7237 SL 1.7337 TP 1.6987

[email protected] 109.03 SL 108.03 TP 111.53
[email protected] 107.73 SL 108.73 TP 110.23

[email protected] 95.84 SL 94.84 TP 98.34
[email protected] 94.64 SL 95.64 TP 92.14

[email protected] 92.08 SL 91.08 TP 94.58
[email protected] 90.88 SL 91.88 TP 88.38

[email protected] 1.4688 SL1.4588 TP 1.4938
[email protected] 1.4548 SL 1.4448 TP 1.4298

[email protected] 133.49 SL 132.49 TP 135.99
[email protected] 132.09 SL 133.09 TP 129.59

Good luck!!!!! Hoping for green this coming week again.
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