LSE prices V ADVFN's


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Hi .

i would really love to get your opinion on the following,

usually i get the eod prices from LSE , few of my friend get them from ADVFN, as you will see it from the attachment the low price for SBRY is not the same.

if was you: who will you stick with please, LSE or ADVFN prices



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Hi Genti

To be honest, I have to say it doesn't matter - it's what appears in the chart that count. On that basis I would trust ADVFN over the LSE (this might have something to do with my dim view of the LSE generally :( )

Just my thoughts
dow beater cheers for your thoughts,

actually i need the low and high figures to be correct cos i make my own p/f charts and if they are wrong then i'll get dogie signals.

Best wishes
Hi Genti

Just my opinion but I wouldn't trust Advfn with a price of a bag of sugar.
If you want reliable end of day figures have a look at sharescope. I've been using them for years and find them very reliable.

good morning .

David, i had sharescope but given up cos they point and figure charts are rubb*** , so made my mind up and canceled my subs, also wasted my time looking at too many things instead of my portfolio.

Good trading
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Hi Genti
Yes you're right P&F are usless. They have never done anything to make it possible to data mine ta indicators either. They are very slack when it comes to requests from subscribers, etc
But for LSE data (eod I don't know about RT). I don't think you'll find anyone better.