Lse, Nyse, Nas, Dow?


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Hi, I'm relatively new to day trading and just have a few questions that maybe you could help me with. I use IB with just a LSE feed, as well as Barclays Stockbrokers for news/alerts & level 2 screen. Would it be better to get a feed for NYSE or other US indices? I know there are various advantages like:

no stamp duty
more liquid
more volatile
more stocks to chose from
genrally smaller spread

The only thing is, the data feed is more expensive...(cancelled out by no stamp duty) and I know nothing about anything other than the LSE. I use Barclays Stockbrokers to give me alerts and as a research tool that tells me top movers/heatmaps etc...BUT only for LSE. I would need the equivalent for the US Indices too.

I'm finding with some of the smaller AIM listed companies I'm willing to lose £60 and work out my stop, however, because of the poor spread on many LSE stocks that stop loss has already been exceeded before any price movement! I know I should use DMA & find more liquid stock, but there aren't that many on LSE, other than big banks that aren't doing too well!

Also, why do people/interfaces always use a set number of shares, eg. 20 shares? Surely it depends on the share price & how much £ people want to invest at a time? I invest ~£2000 per trade so set default to that, is this wrong?

Hope someone can help!