Lowest CFD Share commission brokers?


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I want to check if there is a cheaper alternative to my current broker.

First of all I'm trading CFD's instead of the stocks themselves because of three
main reasons:
1. My broker doesn't require liquidity from the stock market at the price
i'm entering into the market, meaning that if i want to buy 2000 shares
of a certain stock at the price of let's say 25.01 and the ASK has only 100 shares
at that price then i WILL get my 2000 shares at 25.01 and after talking on the
phone with another broker that offers CFD trading (Interactive Brokers)
I was told that they don't work like this and for my example i will get ONLY
the 100 shares that were available at that moment at 25.01
So that is a must have requirement from the broker i need (not needing
the market's liquidity to be there, only the price to be there and i will
get any quantity).

2. Lower Commissions.

3. Higher leverage (1:10 intraday instead of 1:4)

Right now i'm paying 0.6c per 100 shares (no ECN's since it's CFD), meaning that
1000 shares round trip will cost me $12 commission for a single trade.

Anyone know of a lower rate broker that answers my three requirements?

Thanks alot,
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