Fastest ECN for round number breakouts?


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I am looking for a new broker right now and the most important thing
for me is extreme fast execution with a Stop Limit order above round numbers.

I'm trading tight consolidation breakouts on round numbers and it's tough
getting like 2000 shares (even on very liquid stocks) at the .01 (for example
getting in above 25.00 and getting all of my shares at 25.01 with no slippage).

I am looking at Interactive Brokers right now but their trading route is some
kind of "smart route" which doesn't make me so confident when they can
easily hide the fact that they choose automatically the cheap and slow filling routes.

I heard that EDGA/EDGX are about 2c per 100 shares or something (which isn't pricey
at all for me) and that will MAYBE give me very good fills.

I heard something about the Crossfinder dark pool route by Credit Suisse which maybe
a solution for what i need?

Also, I didn't try it but is it possible with a regular account to buy a round number
breakout at let's say 25.001 instead of 25.01 in order to get a better fill?

Also is there an option in Interactive Brokers to hide my orders from the market to
make sure HFT would'nt be messing with my close stops?

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Unless its thick and you watch L2 to find the ecn with most size showing you prob won't ever fill at 01, even with a 5c slip, I very often get only 25-75% of my order filled. Additionally the best breaks I never get filled. Offers hit too hard, people pull orders and bids can move up quickly.
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